Meet the Staff

Meet Micah!Meet Micah!

A life-long annual pass holder at Disney World, brings magic and wonder to his AEC kingdom. Being the only male in the office, he truly feels it is the new "happiest place on earth"!

More fun facts!

- Born in Burlington, Vermont
- Moved to Naples in 1987
- Has an incredibly loving and beautiful wife, Tamir, who has a wonderful sense of humor.
- Mustang lover
- Enjoys weekend getaways (the reason we don't work Saturdays) like scalloping and camping
- Wanna be Disney travel adviser and comedian (He thinks he’s got jokes. Be a good sport and laugh)

Meet Alex!

Meet Alex (AKA Elsa!)

Alex is our resident ice princess with Norwegian heritage. Born and raised on the US west coast, we are so lucky she traveled far and wide to end up a part of our Naples family!   

More fun facts:

- Born in Walnut Creek, California 
- Has lived in 5 different states... (shes our little gypsy)
- Moved to Naples in 2010
- Freelance makeup artist (she keeps us looking good on a daily basis!)
- Avid lover of the Muppets, 1990's music, & dinosaurs 
- If she isn't cool enough already her husbands name is, Blaise! (Such a great fit with Dr. A's husband, Pyro!) GET IT?
- Always thinks it’s time for a dance party

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